🔸 🔸 My Usborne Story 🔸 🔸


📚 My kids started to choose books OVER toys.

📚 My 4 year old is actually, REALLY starting to READ!

📚 Reading is the ONLY thing my girls do together that doesn’t result in fighting.

📚 Reading has brought my girls TOGETHER.

In addition to MY amazement and joy from Usborne – I heard so many stories from my friends and customers that echoed my experiences. After learning about what an amazing company Usborne is to work for, I decided that wanted to share this amazing resource with as many children and families as I could. I wanted to be a book lady – so here I am.

Usborne offers amazing educational quality, FUN and engaging content, gorgeous illustrations and innovation all at the same time. Simply put, Usborne gets kids EXCITED about books.

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